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The Natural Cook Training Certificate Program – Testimonial May 2014

First, I just wanted to say, THANK YOU again and again.  My life is healthier, happier, energized, and already 9.5 lbs lighter(mostly vegan natural diet) since encountering you, Maia and your School of Natural Cookery. I am cooking way more than I used to!!! I can’t believe the taste, quality, and possibilities of the dishes I could prepare. A few weeks ago I didn’t even know what braising was(and it looks like I still don’t understand it completely!) It has been completely transforming. For the first time in my life, I can cook for myself, my partner Michael and others.The nut sauce was heavenly and perfectly complimented the amaranth dish. (Michael loved it).  I am going to a ball tonight and even have a ball dress I can fit into.
Dr. Safia Rubai, Colorado
“The School of Natural Cookery online system is brilliant! I have been enrolled in the Basic Course Complete since May. Coming in as a complete novice to cooking, this course was perfect for me to learn the language of cooking without recipes. I systematically went through each of the Units and learned each cooking method through copying exactly what Julianna does in the videos. Once I l understood the cooking method through watching and copying, I was able to grasp the concept and use it in other applications. The online program is very well organized and thorough. As I am more of a classroom-learner, I thought I would struggle doing everything on my own but the weekly support calls with Maihaa have been incredibly helpful to me! I would absolutely recommend the School of Natural Cookery’s Basic Course to anyone who is interested in learning the basic principles of cooking with plant-based ingredients and who appreciates the creative process of intuitive cooking.”
Stephanie Morish, Virginia
Thanks to your teaching, I am able to nourish myself on my new gluten free and dairy free diet. People come into our lives for a reason and nurture us with knowledge and learning. You did that for me!
Lynn Johnson, Washington


“As an Integrative Physician, I believe it’s essential for health providers to not only the knowledge of nutrition, but the ability to connect with food in a holistic way. Often the concept of cooking brings to mind using recipes or standard cooking techniques. Julianna’s method offers a solid foundation and a more rich, whole-person approach in 2 important ways:

Understanding Food:
The Natural Cook method teaches students about food in a new way, incorporating lessons on the energetics of food, how ingredients/supporting elements interact with each other, and how different cooking methods work to transform food. The Natural Cook methods are original and reflect Julianna’s years of experience as a professional chef, consultant and teacher. Cooking becomes art as students combine ingredients, supporting elements and methods to create a dish that is unique, balanced and delicious.

Being a Natural Cook:
The Natural Cook method teaches the cook how to be present – incorporating both right and left brain. The idea of being fully present and grounded makes the experience of being a Natural Cook a very healing one. Decisions about “what to use” and “how much” are not labored, and are not limited by a recipe. Rather, students learn to trust their intuition and their experience with the methods. As Natural Cooks, they enjoy the process of cooking with whatever ingredients are available.”

Philippa Norman MD MPH, Illinois
In 2001 an associate at Evergreen Hospital, a Clinical Dietician recommended this program.  She said it changed her cooking and eating habits.  I now have an understanding of the healing power the earth has to offer.   I felt the curriculum was challenging and thorough.”
Mary M. Diederichs, Washington
I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life, a vegan since about 13.  Going to the School of Natural Cookery… (going to sound cheesy) but seriously changed my life.  Food=Life, so completely new way of looking at food and creating food=a whole new way of looking at life and literally creating life.  It’s a whole shift in mind/body/soul connection through food.  I highly recommend the school. It will give you life.. it will give you the want/desire/yearning to share with others what you do/know.  The Language of Cooking will open you to a whole new world.
Sara Gill, California
“I just wanted you to know that I had accepted the lead chef position at Amrit yoga Institute. I am very grateful to you for sending me their information. I have been there chef now for work over a month now and I have astounded the guests and staff with flavor and creativity. I am really expanding on my Ayurvedic cooking. Each day I prepare lunch and dinner. Each meal is intuitively prepared by whatever jumps out at me as I walk in the pantry,smell certain herbs or whatever energy I am sensing from the guests. Everyone gets so excited around meal times wondering what Chef Michael will come up with.

On top of the amazing meals, I have become part of the ashram community when I stay on the property for programs. I have the opportunity to do yoga each morning,yoga nidra,and to sit in on teachings from world renowned guru and yogi master,Guru dev. I have to say it is an honor to create meals that are from his native country in India. I prepared meals during a Prana Awakening that lasted a week. Many people received new names..this made me think of ow you changed your name. I realized that I never had the chance to thank you for helping me find my way to this place. They set me up in a guest house for the days that I am here. I just want you to know that nobody can believe how heartfelt my food feels and the flavors in every dish. The director told me that my cooking has elevated this place. I owe that to you. I just do what I learned from you. Your school has given me the unique training that has allowed my skills to grow over the years. I encourage all of your students to truly embrace the intuitive way of cooking and to truly understand what it means to cook from the heart center. I just wanted to share this with you.

Jai baigwan”

Chef Michael Mullen
“The black bean soup is an extra, but I wanted to send it anyway. I really love that bean soup method – it’s so fast and turns out so well! I was SO THRILLED with how my tempeh turned out I wanted to share the photo! Hope you’re having a good week.
NOTE: I LOVED this, and I was SO thrilled because I thought I hated tempeh. I am excited to try more methods with tempeh now.

Tempeh Emma

Emma Levez Larocque, British Columbia