Julianaa’s Notes #6

The School of Natural Cookery://Julianaa’s Notes #6

Julianaa’s Notes #6

Think about studying cooking with us as if your parent, grandparent or mentor was sharing their secrets of the kitchen.

They may not know how to explain what is happening to the food, but you watch them, intently, looking forward to memorable smells, tastes and the comforting feeling of home cooked food in your mouth and belly.    The mentor makes it look easy.  They are intuitive cooks.

The Natural Cook® system explains what is going on in the mind, body, and sprit of a great cook.  Our students learn to be Chefs – managers of their kitchens– large and small.  They invent their businesses and make their families happy and healthy.

We start with 100% vegan – plant based ingredients and create simple and complex masterpieces.

Our program is available both online and in studios.  But you will need a kitchen in which to train yourself.  We provide a kitchen for you both demonstration and hands on sessions in various locations.

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