Julianaa’s Notes #5

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Julianaa’s Notes #5

My father use to say ” If you want to move a mountain….”   I regret not listening to the rest of his sentence.  William Saltzman was an artist his entire life.  He ate, drank, cooked, talked, and took deep billowy breaths, as if every moment was a work of art.  So when I decided to re-invent my life at age 60, it felt like I was uprooting a 30 year tree.  And now that I have found new soil and a more powerful form for training Natural Cooks, it feels like I have moved a mountain.

My children used to complain that I never made the same dish the same way. That isn’t entirely true. But when you know the amazing miraculous possibilities with ingredients and you don’t want to run to the store for a missing piece to a recipe, dishes don’t always look the same from time to time. Now I like that. I like change and spontaneity. I find that is one of the most energizing experiences for me – to discover something new, that actually works better than the old.

I think our new format for training is just that. I was overwhelmed and stuck in old patterns with the way we were operating our cooking school. It was trying to be like “other” culinary schools. But the truth is, we are not like other cooking schools and to use their format wasn’t working as well I imaged a training could work. You see, what students learn at our school is more than just being a cook with natural foods. More than just a few good dishes to repeat.

The Language of Intuitive Cooking is a living language. It accompanies those of us who have taken it in and practice it when we look at a dish, a recipe, an ingredient, a health issue. It is bigger than any curriculum we can offer in a brick and mortar only venue without having to charge $40,000 over 2 years. Now we can provide a foundation for students to work in their own kitchens and in their own real life timing, they become Natural Cooks. And the perks for all this is reduced tuition, small lodging costs, and an adventurous daily cooking and eating practice that makes you feel good.

The School of Natural Cookery is an organically grown business. It began with a seed that grew into a mountain. And now with a transfusion of new soil, new blood, we are energized. The mountain has taken four years to move. Roots are growing in the new environment. Our business is global with new teaching studios opening in Europe and Oregon. Some of you will be part the growth as students/graduates before have come into to school bringing their expertise. Today I finish my father’s sentence. …. To organically move a mountain, it takes vision, patience, and the strength of great earth workers who know their path will light the way.

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  1. lauren June 25, 2013 at 11:01 pm

    Truth. Love. Inspiration. Thank you for your endless, evolving vision. This work is of the most importance. You are a gift!

    • Julianaa Satie June 28, 2013 at 3:19 pm

      To those who read this blog notes, please look at Lauren’s website (thepuregourmet.com) and see the caliber of people who have integrated this “language of intuitive cooking” into their lives and their businesses.

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