Julianaa’s Notes #4

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Julianaa’s Notes #4


A seed was planted in me in 1983 to explain to people how dishes come together. This idea woke me up in the middle of the night and with fertile soil and much fussing over for the past 30 years, with much testing and astonishing results from its simplicity, The Natural Cook® training is positioned to bloom in the hearts and homes of conscious people world-wide.

The International Academy of Natural Cookery uses our system of cooking intuitively and has trained hundreds of personal chefs and bakers that cook for the established elite, politicians, movie stars, as well as the frail, overwhelmed and health challenged people of all ages. We know two things: Whole food is healing in the hands of a conscious cook, but only when tastes and textures fit the customer, people at the table.

Like a parent passing on secrets to children the ecstatic joy of teaching people to cook intuitively is very satisfying. Teachers experience their students waking up. Training people to integrate an infusion of the magic of cooking is deliciously satisfying as a certified teacher of The Natural Cook system.

Teachers find a way bring their own personality into presentations of this “language of cooking without recipes”. But the videos in the online classroom come from me. It is my way sharing the garden from the seeds that were planted in me years ago. It is the source of our authentic Natural Cook system.

I know the word “natural” is overused and people are tired of hearing it. That’s too bad. Nature is one of the most powerful phenomena we can have the pleasure of living with. This simple seven letter word encompasses more than seven kinds of intelligence (auditory, visual, kinesthetic, interpersonal, extra-personal, mathematical and verbal.) It is also represented by elements that we need to survive (water, fire, earth, ether, wood, and metal) and includes seven chakras that intuitively guide us (root, reproductive, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown.) A natural being is big. Cooking from our wholeness consciously satisfies us inside and out.

The Natural Cook training is not a cooking class. It is a training that formats a life-long relationship with the ease of cooking ingredients that don’t come in boxes. Intimacy with ingredients that from come from field, stream, and gardens.

You accomplish three things from this training.
Knowledge – on how ingredients work with each other in cooking methods that are easy.

Experience – from studying five theories of cooking and 8 – 20 cooking methods daily, weekly, or monthly.

Confidence – because compliments come your way when you and your friends and family eat your dishes that you prepared without recipes. You will know how make anything real taste good and place it in a balanced meal.

This is important because we need to be in charge of our health and health begins with having control of the food we eat. It is also a way to contribute to a better environment, not just our physical bodies, the earth’s body.

Does it cost more to eat real food than food from boxes? Possibly. But the value is in long term health and environmental sustainability. Like an insurance plan, we can use real food to take care of us and spend less time out of the doctor’s offices. Bet you didn’t think of your doctor visits as a food cost. Cavities and medications cost a lot in pain and suffering too. Building strong bodies through nature engages our creativity and heals multiple layers of being.

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