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This is a selfish blogpost. It is all about me with the intention of sharing a personal process that all great cooks go through. I have been cooking for others for more than 40 years. And now with a quieter life, I unabashedly love to cook for myself.

Using my creativity to cook for others still feels special. But under those circumstances, I am focused on what they like, what they need.  Were my people active or were they sitting in front of a computer during day? What foods can I use, what can I not.   Will we share memories in the dinner’s dishes or explore new ingredients and flavors?  This would drive my meal design.

My family rarely had the same dish twice, even when made with exactly the same ingredients.
I particularly remember the carrot cake for my daughter’s birthday.  I just couldn’t bring myself to leave the house only to get the right kind of sugar.  Surely I had something in the cupboard that would work.  This is where I learned that rice syrup is not suitable as a major sweetener for a cake or muffin.  […]

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Student Comments



Just finished making the soup without chicken broth – used H2O and the liquid from the cooked lentils – tastes fabulous!  In the past, making this soup was such an effort – I always felt frantic and my timing felt off.  This time – without the recipe – it was a relaxed easeful process.  Can’t wait to experiment with other soups.


Thank You!!

Amy  – New York

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