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10 Steps To Happily Cooking For One – ME

This is a selfish blogpost. It is all about me with the intention of sharing a personal process that all great cooks go through. I have been cooking for others for more than 40 years. And now with a quieter life, I unabashedly love to cook for myself.

Using my creativity to cook for others still feels special. But under those circumstances, I am focused on what they like, what they need.  Were my people active or were they sitting in front of a computer during day? What foods can I use, what can I not.   Will we share memories in the dinner’s dishes or explore new ingredients and flavors?  This would drive my meal design.

My family rarely had the same dish twice, even when made with exactly the same ingredients.
I particularly remember the carrot cake for my daughter’s birthday.  I just couldn’t bring myself to leave the house only to get the right kind of sugar.  Surely I had something in the cupboard that would work.  This is where I learned that rice syrup is not suitable as a major sweetener for a cake or muffin.  […]

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Julianaa’s Notes #6

Think about studying cooking with us as if your parent, grandparent or mentor was sharing their secrets of the kitchen.

They may not know how to explain what is happening to the food, but you watch them, intently, looking forward to memorable smells, tastes and the comforting feeling of home cooked food in your mouth and belly.    The mentor makes it look easy.  They are intuitive cooks.

The Natural Cook® system explains what is going on in the mind, body, and sprit of a great cook.  Our students learn to be Chefs – managers of their kitchens– large and small.  They invent their businesses and make their families happy and healthy.

We start with 100% vegan – plant based ingredients and create simple and complex masterpieces.

Our program is available both online and in studios.  But you will need a kitchen in which to train yourself.  We provide a kitchen for you both demonstration and hands on sessions in various locations.

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Julianaa’s Notes #4


A seed was planted in me in 1983 to explain to people how dishes come together. This idea woke me up in the middle of the night and with fertile soil and much fussing over for the past 30 years, with much testing and astonishing results from its simplicity, The Natural Cook® training is positioned to bloom in the hearts and homes of conscious people world-wide.

The International Academy of Natural Cookery uses our system of cooking intuitively and has trained hundreds of personal chefs and bakers that cook for the established elite, politicians, movie stars, as well as the frail, overwhelmed and health challenged people of all ages. We know two things: Whole food is healing in the hands of a conscious cook, but only when tastes and textures fit the customer, people at the table.

Like a parent passing on secrets to children the ecstatic joy of teaching people to cook intuitively is very satisfying. Teachers experience their students waking up. Training people to integrate an infusion of the magic of cooking is deliciously satisfying as a certified teacher of The Natural Cook system.

Teachers find a way bring their own personality into presentations of this “language of cooking without recipes”. […]

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Julianaa’s Notes #3

Chef? What is a Chef?

I don’t call myself a “Chef ” although I know could create almost any dish given a primary element, some salt and water.


The word “chef” feels bloated by the food network.  Webster’s Dictionary defines the term as “a skilled cook who manages the kitchen.”  The key word here is “manages.”  The more accurate term is “Chef de Cuisine”  because the French translation for “Chef ” is “chief, manager, or person in charge.”   “Chef de cuisine” has a historical precedent since 1840 for people who manage a commercial or public kitchen.  This is not a job for the faint of heart and I can see why the term Chef carries an image of respect.


So technically, are personal/private cooks entitled to the use the term “Chef”?  Can they lean on the powerful image that is conjured up in the public’s mind?  Do modern day Chefs ride the “fake it till you make it” facade?


Modern language for current times accounts for our titles of Personal Chef and Private Chef. The words personal and private indicate an intimacy of working for a person, small business or family.  As personal/private chef we take charge and manage meals, kitchens, and […]

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Julianaa’s Notes #2

Do you notice when your dishes are mild or spicy?  Somedays more one that the other.  I see the personality of people in the dishes they create.  Generally, I prefer to cook a simple group of ingredients and focus on the technique of the cooking method to make them shine.  But lately, especially when I am cooking for Mike Duhon (our pastry and gastronomy teacher in the Pro-course) I step out of my comfort zone of simple tastes.

Braising is my favorite method to add complexity.  It is the perfect method for building long, slow, deep and complex flavors and tastes. The first step uses oil to seal the edges of the primary element.  Once the metal has its way with fire and food, the intensification has begun.  Now the choice of liquids, salts, herbs and spices provides the primary element’s road map. And the story begins to unfold over time, with or without a lid.  Being  a simple, zen-like cook most of the time, a braised dish punctuates my plate and palette.

Grinding my own masalas (spice mix) and having a myriad of cooking liquids on hands helps.  These are the bold days. Usually its when I awake and stand straight […]

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Julianaa’s Notes #1


Food and Cooking is one the largest common denominators in our culture. We have adapted to an idolized dependence upon recipes as a way to record and share a favorite dish.  In 1983, I stumbled upon a desire to find a way to communicate the magic of cooking.  In other words, the essence of all cooking, and how to never be bored again.  What a journey it has been.   Julianaa’s Notes is a place for me to share that journey.  A full life of food, love, children, friends, and thousands of students.

Few chefs wear the apron without some passion.  Born a dancer into an artist’s family, my first costume was from Shaharazade, a camisole top with one sleeve and below my midriff was a billowing full circle and half skirt.  The ingredient was emerald green chiffon with silver, sparkly,  bindings – age 11.  Twelve years later, after being healed by whole-food and dancing combined, over time I hatched four amazing people and used food as medicine daily.  Even though I would sometimes be limited to one carrot, one onion and some rice and beans, people seemed to like my food.

I couldn’t support my large family […]

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