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How we create confidence in the process of learning and in students’ ability to solve their own problems.

We will be learning through discovery. We will not be told exactly what to do or how, but instead will be guided through experiences that themselves will allow us to discover whatever is to be learned, each in our own way, with some limitations, and with individual results.
Improvising can be scary because you do on the spur of the moment whatever you do, without thinking about it first – actually, to me, that’s what it means to improvise: to allow movements to originate in your body, rather than in your mind. Honestly, it’s as exciting as skiing down a mountain or kissing a boy for the first time, and I laugh as we begin, because I am really having fun, and I don’t know what is going to happen next.
Limitations help dancers push beyond the boundaries of their experience, allowing them to discover movements and the means of achieving them that they might not otherwise come across. That may sound contrary to logic, but it’s impossible to discover one’s way out of a box if there is no box. In improvisation, the limitations are the box.
Improvisation strips one naked, as it were, […]

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One Bit At A Time

Today’s Soup  (French Onion)

Julianaa Satie – The Natural Cook®


I welcome the challenge of making this traditionally beef-based soup with only plant-based ingredients.  The magic is in technique.  The ritual demands my presence each time I make it.

Large yellow onions with the deepest color, thickest skin, firmest bulb make this a great soup. On my cutting board they remind me of tough maple leaves turning red and gold. One onion feeds three. Need to sharpen my knife to make paper thin, slivers.  These onions aren’t stored in a  refrigerator;  they stay strong that way.

Begin: wash the onions well enough to use the skin in stock. Careful: score the top to separate the skin from the bulb. Control: don’t let the knife cut into the leaf or the root end.  Memories of my handsome farmer friend make my hands take care with the knife.  “Be kind to the tail of an onion”  was his message.  “Onions will make you cry if you cut into them ruthlessly.”  Since then, over 40 years ago, I enter an onion in ritual, not cutting into it before it is time. Eight, plump, half rounds face me while the cut is face down on the cutting […]

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Student Comments



Just finished making the soup without chicken broth – used H2O and the liquid from the cooked lentils – tastes fabulous!  In the past, making this soup was such an effort – I always felt frantic and my timing felt off.  This time – without the recipe – it was a relaxed easeful process.  Can’t wait to experiment with other soups.


Thank You!!

Amy  – New York

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Julianaa’s Notes #5

My father use to say ” If you want to move a mountain….”   I regret not listening to the rest of his sentence.  William Saltzman was an artist his entire life.  He ate, drank, cooked, talked, and took deep billowy breaths, as if every moment was a work of art.  So when I decided to re-invent my life at age 60, it felt like I was uprooting a 30 year tree.  And now that I have found new soil and a more powerful form for training Natural Cooks, it feels like I have moved a mountain.

My children used to complain that I never made the same dish the same way. That isn’t entirely true. But when you know the amazing miraculous possibilities with ingredients and you don’t want to run to the store for a missing piece to a recipe, dishes don’t always look the same from time to time. Now I like that. I like change and spontaneity. I find that is one of the most energizing experiences for me – to discover something new, that actually works better than the old.

I think our new format for training is just that. I was overwhelmed and stuck in old […]

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