Welcome to the School of Natural Cookery

Our students are passionate, creative,  individuals prepared to engage in an effective training in the art of plant-based vegan cooking with goals of developing their own daily cooking practice or in obtaining  a culinary diploma. They come from each of the United States and countries world-wide.

Unlike other cooking schools our non-traditional culinary training is designed for a healthy lifestyle that includes the study of energetic nutrition.   Graduates prepare balanced meals for all diets that easily include gluten and sugar sensitivity, living “raw”cuisines, Macrobiotic and Ayurvedic and Paleo* diets to name a few.  A full range of ethnic cuisines and vegan desserts and pastry with wholesome bread are included in the curriculum. We train using a structure for intuitive cooking without recipes.

Our 100% online training  begins in your home kitchen.  We also connect students to unique opportunities to study with master instructors who  share their passion and expertise in their locations, in a studio class setting.

* We know that Paleo diet is not 100% plant-based.  Please ask us how The Natural Cook ®– system addresses this diet.